Tuesday Mewsday: Penny’s Favorite Quilt (and Memories of Eloise)

For some reason, Penny is particularly fond of this quilt.
The first quilt

Not that she would be at all interested in dressing up in crinolines and pinafores.
The first quilt, detail
But she most certainly could come up with good uses for marbles or a butterfly net.

I made this quilt after the death of a beloved cat, Eloise. She was old (only 13, actually, but with an air of Methuselah about her) and suffered from almost every ailment known to felines: food allergies and mast cell tumors in particular. The allergies left her with an over-grooming habit, which left her mostly bald and the tumors—well, you don’t even want to know the details. Suffice it to say, she was not anything particularly lovely to behold.

She was quite generous with her criticism, but somehow I always knew the complaints were proof of her love. After all—she wouldn’t have bothered me with them if she didn’t trust me to generate results. In her last few months, I put my foot down, stopped forcing the anti-cancer meds down her throat and fed her whatever she wanted, which was mostly babyfood and bacon fat. She may have died a bit more quickly as a result, but she was as happy a camper as a life-long crab could be.

3 Replies to “Tuesday Mewsday: Penny’s Favorite Quilt (and Memories of Eloise)”

  1. I read of Eloise with moist eyes and an ache of love for her in my heart. As I scrolled down I was looking for the picture of the beautiful sufferer, but perhaps you thought we wouldn’t want to see her. Please remember no cat is ugly (except at 4 am). Please, please may we see her?

  2. I’m a bit teary now. Quality of life will always outweigh quantity for me. When I’m very old and broken I only hope someone will let me eat chocolate for breakfast and sleep whenever I want. 😉

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