Tuesday Mewsday: A Cat Like a Wheel

One of my all-time favorite cat poses is “the wheel.” Every cat does it a bit differently. Some cats do a horizontal wheel. Others go vertical, so that one can almost imagine giving them a shove and watching them roll off like hoops. Then there’s the issue of noses: tucked in or left out? And tails: around or under? Not to mention the cats who wrap an arm across their eyes as if there are far, far too many things in this world they’d prefer not to think about.
Curled up tight
As you can see, Sparky goes for the horizontal, nose-out, tail-around wheel.

2 Replies to “Tuesday Mewsday: A Cat Like a Wheel”

  1. Also very cute is the double-wheel. My two boys twine together like the yin/yang symbol. If they weren’t different colors it would be hard to see where one began and the other ended.

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