For the Rain It Raineth Every Day

Well, not really. Which is what makes our latest batch of storms such a treat, despite the inconveniences. I know I’d promised I was back to regular blogging again, but when storms wipe out internet access, what can one do but pick up the knitting needles and listen to the sound of rain on the roof?

The cats have not faced this weather with my equanimity. We have chaos under heaven chez moi, which is not helped any by incursions of rained-out ants. No food left out, rain beyond all doors and windows, and the cat-displeasing scent of ant spray. They are taking it all out on each other—and on me. At least they have been able to go outside today, but more rain is due tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I have gotten a good three-quarters of the way through a Lacey Shrug (pattern from the fall 2005 Knitty). I am making it in —surprise, surprise!—malabrigo, velvet grapes colorway. I don’t know yet if it will fit me, but I know my niece will be delighted to receive it if I can’t squeeze into it, so it will find a happy home in one spot or another.

Classes start at UCSC tomorrow, so I must be a good academic and get back to start-of-the-quarter business, but I really am going to be blogging regularly again.

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