Conclusive Proof…

… that I pretty much have no excuse for buying more yarn.

This past weekend, Melissa helped me get my house in order. As part of the residential hygiene program, I finally got my yarn into one location. No more skeins shoved behind the canned goods in the pantry cupboard. No stash under the phone table. I even emptied out the trunk of my car. (I think Melissa cringed a bit when I said I was going to get the yarn out of the trunk; I’d never actually mentioned that auxiliary stash to her before.)
The giant giant stash
As you can see, the results of this undertaking were literally monumental. And this photo was taken before that other yarn I ordered showed up in the mail yesterday. (You may also want to note the hand-knit cats toys dangling from the climbing tree, courtesy of my niece, Miss Sparkles.)

What to do with all this delicious yarn?

Lucky for me, my copy of Kim Hargreaves’ Heartfelt arrived at The Golden Fleece last week. Once I finish my version of the Sugarplum Shrug, I am casting on for Ward.

I have—surprise!—just the yarn for it: Malabrigo. I’m still deciding between Glazed Carrot and Golden Ochre.

Once Ward is done, Tess is next in line.

There isn’t a pattern in this book that I dislike. I do like some more than others. Some might flatter my particular figure more than others. Some might make for more interesting knitting than others. But this book has not a single loser! If you haven’t seen it yet—check it out. If you have seen it—which are your favorites?

14 Replies to “Conclusive Proof…”

  1. Stashwise, that’s a good start. It’s a yarn library, right? Allowing inspiration to be able to strike whenever is a good and useful thing.

  2. AlisonH, Yarn Library is genius! My stash has just been renamed.
    S-H, ok, I get to go buy more yarn ’cause you have WAY more than I do!

  3. I’m laughing at the car trunk part – my stepdad hoards newspapers, and that was his secret stash – we found out when we needed to go to the airport, and there was nowhere for suitcases! All in all though, quite respectable stash organization — you just need some bigger projects! (although those little jackets are adorable….)

    Maybe a wrap? heh heh

  4. I love Yarn Library too!
    Though my husband doesn’t think we need as many books as we have either, given that a public library does exist….

    Sarah-Hope, you are my favorite source of knitting patterns and books that I otherwise would not have seen, or at least seen yet. I really like ‘Ward’. On a related note, I don’t think I told you that the author of Wrapped in Comfort left a nice comment on my blog, out of the blue, and when I replied, I complimented her on her book, and credited you with turning me on to it. She seemed very flattered!

    P.S. I think I know now why there’s a prize coming in the mail! I have a feeling there’s some connection to today’s post!! Eh?

    P.P.S. I just got the yarn out of my trunk two weeks ago, that had been riding around since early November at least. Tell Melissa that’s not weird behavior. Really.

  5. Aww..yarn in the trunk doesn’t count! I am heading over to check out Heartfelt right now – I love both of those patterns!

  6. Hmm, is it wrong that when I see picis of other people’s stashes I kind of want to dig through it? Then, almost immediately, I want to order more yarn. Nevermind, typing it out has let me see how creepy that is. 😉

  7. I feel so much better! I have a while yarn closet (previously ‘storage’, now entirely yarn!) in VA, and two yarn corners in SC. I am not the only one! Woohoo!

  8. That’s impressive. And I know that is just the “yarn for knitting” stash, and you have others – like the “quilting stash”, etc. My husband took one look at that photo and said – I hope that’s not giving you ideas! Luckily my tatting stash is small compared to the time to complete the projects!

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