[guest post by Melissa]
Sarah-Hope emailed me a link to KitKatKnit, where there is a Bunnythumper photo contest. What is a bunnythumper? It’s a cat’s hind foot (toe to heel). And since I have possession of the camera, and cats, I was assigned, er, asked, to stalk and take photos of my cats’ feet. Here follow the results, in size order.

Damian: 5 – 1/2 inches
Damians big foot
Damian would like to point out that he should get the pinkest toes award.

Archy: 5 inches
Archys foot
The ruler is about to be eaten.

Maggie: 4 – 1/2 inches
Maggie and her dainty paws
Maggie thinks this is a bit personal to post on the internet. She would like to point out that she is a lady.

Nevertheless, she would also like to point out that she has very dainty paws indeed, and angles her hind foot to its best advantage.
Maggie is not sure about this

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