My Pet Theories

1. No number of shawls is too many. (Corollary: even if they’re almost all in similar colors.)

2. If a pattern looks great in the specified yarn, that’s no reason to avoid switching to a completely different yarn in an alternate weight and texture. (For corollary see #4 below.)

3. Even if there isn’t enough time to knit, surely there is time to go to Ravelry and lengthen one’s Queue. (Corollary: After all, how much time can it take to just look at knits?)

4. Every knit will fit someone. (Corollary: don’t go nuts about gauge.)

5. It’s never a mistake to buy Malabrigo. (For corollary see #2 above.)

6. Keep your eyes on your knitting and you’ll never notice the state of your floors. (Corollary: consider meeting friends at a coffee house, rather than inviting them over.)

7. Any reasonable person can learn to enjoy a conversation about yarn and knitting. (Corollary: the definition of reasonable is up to the individual knitter.)

8. Urban legends to the contrary, no-one has ever bled to death while a knitter finished her row. (Corollary: in a real emergency, yarn = tourniquet.)

9. People who judge a woman by the cleanliness of her home make unimaginative and tedious companions. (For corollary see #6 above.)

10. Upcoming medical breakthroughs are bound to render the concept of SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy) irrelevant. (Corollary: if it’s on sale, buy it; heck, buy a whole bag.)