5 Replies to “Want to Guess…”

  1. Sarah-Hope, I think you’re going to knit a slipstitch scarf!

    Now, before you are sure I’m telepathic —
    my computer is ill and is not coming up with images right now, so all I can see is the placeholder, which says:
    “yarn ready for the slipstitch scarf”!

    SO: I get credit for being observant but not much else; if you want, you can delete this comment and change your photo name and try again with the contest. Because I cheated! But hey, I was the first cheater!

  2. Oops!

    That’s what I get for not checking how Melissa labeled my pictures!

    So Cathy-Cate is the winner by default. I’ll have to come up with another guessing game soon for everyone else. 🙂


  3. Conscious or unconscious.
    I can’t believe I did that. My only excuse is that I’m at work. Geez! 30 lashes with wet Red Heart!

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