Tell Mr. De Mille I’m Ready for My Close-Up

Here’s a close-up shot of the Revontuli in progress.
Block that shawl!
I actually managed to finish it last night. It’s now blocking on my bedroom floor, which means poor Spartacus is locked out of the house for the duration. He is completely unable to resist the siren-song of damp wool.

And now that Revontuli is done, I’m planning to knit it again. This time in Noro Silver Thaw.
Next up!
This yarn is a completely different weight than Kauni, so I’m not sure what the results will be, but I figure that everything will work out, since guage isn’t crucial on a shawl—at least not as long as one is willing to knit until it’s the right size and to stop when that moment is reached.

The Kauni version will be a “wake-up and embrace the world” shawl; the Noro will be a “settle in and get cozy” shawl.

6 Replies to “Tell Mr. De Mille I’m Ready for My Close-Up”

  1. Wow! Your Revontuli is absolutely gorgeous. I may have to make one of those for me….perfect weight for this blustery Oregon weather.

  2. Hey! I just bought the Kauni at The Golden Fleece as well. My yarn has a significant bloom to it that renders the stitches unreadable. 🙁 Did you have any issues with bloom? Also, what size needle did you use? I ended up on a 7.

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