Must. Not. Buy. Yarn. (In Which Our Over-Excited Narrator Uses Far Too Many Hyphens)

Melissa has made me promise not to buy any more yarn until after the new year. I, of course, added a modifying clause: “except-for-Kauni-if-the-Golden-Fleece-gets-new-colors-in-and-except-for-the-Malabrigo-I-ordered-the-other-day-but-haven’t-paid-for-yet-and-oops-that-one-additional-skein-of-Noro.”

There are absolutely sooooooo many colors of Kauni I want. You can check them out here. Sweet, simple EN. Vivid, vivid EU. Business-like EC. And the shop has a swatch of a variegated red colorway that I can’t find on-line and that I am convinced is an absolute necessity for both my mother and me. While you’re at it, check out their catalogues and see the amazing things that can be done with these long-run self-striping yarns. My favorite catalogue is Katalog 2006 II. I’d like to knit up half a dozen of those projects. When I finish office hours, I’m going directly to the Golden Fleece to see if they can order some of those patterns for me.

The Malabrigo I’ve committed myself to is a new color called Snow Bird. I can’t even find a picture of it on-line. It’s largely a red and green mix with a few other autumn-leaf colors thrown in, and it just screams “I-am-buttoning-on-my-cozy-sweater-now-blow-you-north-winds-blow.”

Of course, because I am not to be buying yarn, i am seeing yarn everywhere that pulls at my heartstrings. Look at this great organic cotton from Elann for just $2.98 a skein. Eight different natural colors—none of it dyed. If I ordered two skeins in every color, I could make the most amazing rectangular shawl. I am experiencing a genuine agony-of-not-buying over it. (Maybe I could get one of you to write Melissa or my mom or some other potential gift-buyer and explain why this yarn would make for The Best Christmas Ever.)

Then there’s Zara and Devon and Peruvian Highland Silk and I am not buying any of it, so if you spot me somewhere gnawing my own arm off you’ll understand why and won’t have to ask any embarrassing questions.

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  1. I think the elann Pakucho would be absolutely awesome for one of the shawls in Wrapped In Comfort; in gradated colors. And the price is ever so reasonable, and it supports indigenous farmers, organic farming as such, and a threatened species (the colored cotton almost became extinct as growers felt everyone would want white cotton. Colored cotton goes back to prehistoric times)

    Feel free to show this comment to Melissa or your mom…. but it’s so good in so many ways, that someone would be doing the earth a favor by buying it for you. [Promptly, before they run out of some of the colors (they only have what they have for this year, then that’s it for another year).]
    I’m trying to be good, though I slipped with some really cool color-changing yarn from Twisted Fiber Arts. But I do not need more yarn and I should knit more of what I have.
    (ummm; I already bought some Pakucho. But I feel better about it now after listing all the good things about it above!)

  2. I love that Katalog 2006 II!!! The patterns are wonderful.

    My exception to buying more yarn is that the gray I bought for my friend’s scarf is too scratchy when knitted up, so I, of course, must stop by the shop to buy some softer yarn today on my way home. And do need some bulky yarn for the hats I am making for Christmas and…

  3. Nevermind that tomorrow morning at 9 pacific time Elann will have Austerman Inka Alpaka for $3.25 US a ball. Sigh. *Wheel on the way, must not buy yarn. * Repeat chant as necessary.

  4. Would it be cheating to have some sort of money/yarn laundering operation running? Say, for example, you buy a colleague lunch or cover their dry-cleaning bill for the week, and they buy you some Kauni… you know, as a thank you gift! Oh dear, I’ve become an enabler to someone I’ve never even met…

  5. I know what you mean, Sarah-Hope! I too am going through a ‘must buy yarn’ manic phase and I just don’t seem to be able to resist hitting the ‘commit to buy’ button.

    But luckily, I haven’t made any promises to anyone… Yay!

  6. Went into buy inexpensive yarn for Jeremy’s gray scarf and Christmas hats..left with enough yarn for four scarfs…none of which is gray in color. Hopeless I tell you, just hopeless.

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