Cats and Bats

Before knitting took over my life, I was a quilter. I still am a quilter, though it’s more in theory than in practice. I have a nice little pile of seasonal quilts that I pull out at the appropriate times. For the past two weeks, I’ve had my Cats and Bats quilt on the bed.
The Halloween quilt

The blocks feature assorted black cat fabrics.
The Halloween quilt, fabric close-up

The border features bats.
The Halloween quilt, batty fabric
The black cats require no explaining, as I’ve had several special ones in my life, including Archy and Beatrice.

I also love me some bats. I find them infinitely graceful. Our first Christmas together, Melissa gave me a painting of a bat. I’ll see about posting a picture of it in the next week or so. She (we named her Hermione) is soaring across the top of the tall, narrow piece with a swirling black sky behind her. Every time I look at it, I see beauty and courage in her little face.

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  1. that’s great – and so October appropriate! I am always so drawn to quilts, but my sewing abilities are soooooo limited. the straight line eludes me. Gorgeous work – tks for sharing. By the way, we get sooooo many comments on Maya’s hat, which she’s wearing all the time. I’ve told more than a couple of folks to check it out on your blog…

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