Four More Rows…

… done on the shawl. I’m definitely going to have enough yarn to make it longer. I just finished skein number two and got twenty rows out of it. I’ve got two skeins left and twenty-one rows to go if I follow the pattern. This shawl is going to be soft, soft, soft. I’m already pawing through my malabrigo stash and thinking about which one I’ll start next.

I’m also thinking about a yarn for Revontuli. I love this colorway of Noro Silver Thaw, but I’m not sure it would produce the striping effect the shawl is designed for. If I’m doing my math right the pattern calls for a worsted/heavy worsted yarn. Any suggestions of wool or alpaca yarns with big self-striping runs? I vaguely remember something from a Patternworks catalogue, but I’m not sure. Oh, I’m going to be thumbing through catalogues and magazine ads when I get home from teaching today. If you have sources/ideas (especially if they’re reasonably priced) do let me know!

Meanwhile, we have made more cat progress than I’d anticipated. I still put Penny in the bathroom to sleep in order to prevent late-night altercations (George Bush isn’t the only fool who knows how to go all pre-emptive), but for an hour or so in the evening all three cats were stretched out in the same room, dozing and mostly ignoring one another. Bea seems to find the closed bathroom door with a cat behind it much more unnerving than a real-life cat across the room from her. And, having backed Penny into a corner under a dressing table, Sparky has decided she doesn’t merit any more than the occasional growl.

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