Why is a Dishcloth Like a Tribble?

Because they both just keep multiplying. (OK, so it’s not hilarious…. I needed an intro to the latest round of dishrag madness.)

Three dishrags
As you can see, I’ve been playing again with mosaic stitch patterns from Barbara Walker’s various volumes. The cloth on the left and the cloth on the right are both the same pattern—just different yarns. On the left, two different colorways of Lily’s self-striping dishcloth cotton. (I’ve checked several more Michaels for this yarn, but have still only found it at their Emeryville store.) On the right, two solid shades of Elmore-Pisgah. I chose these colors because I was going for a mossy-brick-walkway effect. The center cloth uses a scroll-like mosaic stitch. Because I paired a variegated yarn with natural, the pattern is a bit hard to see.

Wavy dishrag
This great stitch pattern is called Pharaoh’s Check.

Zig-zaggy dishrag
And here’s a very simple dishcloth in a new favorite coloway of mine, Sunflower.

Sparky is not sure dishrags will ever catch on as cat-couture…
Sparky models a dishrag
… though perhaps they might be helpful if we ever have a blizzard in Santa Cruz.

And here are the yarns for my next two big projects, which I am not allowed to start until I finish the Origami Cardi.
Debbie Bliss and Sierra Aran group shot
The plum, a wool/alpaca blend which is wonderfully rich and heathered will become Jade Empire. The pale mustard, an alpaca/silk blend, is destined to become Silver Belle. If Silver Belle has caught your fancy, you may want to check out the KAL. I’ve signed up, though I don’t know when I’ll actually knit mine. The site features some beautiful renditions of this pattern, including some interesting variations.

P.S. Check out the gloves Nanette is working on over at Knitting in Color—genius!

7 Replies to “Why is a Dishcloth Like a Tribble?”

  1. Your dishcloths continue to be awe-inspiring. I, too, have a bag of cotton I bought during Dishrag Tag fever and it is calling to me…”make more, make more.” They’re so quick, it’s easy to put down the fourteen other projects you’re working on and whip one up!

  2. Sarah-Hope you are indeed on a dishrag roll! There isn’t one that doesn’t look like a little piece of art. I am enjoying this no end, and hoping this infactuation lasts a very long time.

  3. I love your dishrags — they’re sooo inspiring. 😀 I’m glad I figured out it was you who left the comment on my blog. LOL

  4. Wrong generation, I guess. I’d never heard of a tribble! However, I woud love the patterns for Pharoahs Check.

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