When You Live in Santa Cruz (Non-Knitting Musing)

Everyone has an opinion and is quite ready to share it.
Lefty or righty?
Sometimes the tricky part is understanding what that opinion means. Is this a lefty car or a righty car? Does this car think folks worrying about global warming are as wacko as folks who expect the four horsemen of the apocalypse to literally come riding into town with the next stage? Or does this car think that we aren’t taking global warming seriously enough?

The global warming car was parked in front of a house with this message pressed into its walkway.
ain't it the truth?
Now that’s a philosophy I can get behind. And yes, facts can be relative, can be interpreted different ways, etc.—but I weary of living in a nation that confuses “fact” with “whatever opinion is being shouted most loudly.”

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