Way Too Cute!

I don’t even have a kid this age in my life, and I’m still planning to knit this sweater. After all, there are kids all over—I shouldn’t have trouble finding one to give it to.
Little girl in a striped sweater
I picked up a copy of this pattern as a freebie at Michaels a while back, but you can also get it at Lion Brand Yarn’s website. (You may have to register at their site before you can access the free patterns.) Depending on the size you knit, it takes only 3-6 balls of Cotton-Ease, which is quite a nice yarn to work with and costs around $5 a ball. I’m planning to use the terra cotta and maize colors for stripes as shown, but I’m switching the background color to lime, which is really not as loud as the color name implies.

So far, it’s been smooth sailing with the final processing of the writing placement test results. Huzzah! I have every hope that life will be getting saner any day now.

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  1. Hey, I have that pattern too.. pulled it out today and started thinking about it for littlest girl 🙂 I have a bunch of the Cotton Plus in my stash.. 🙂 I wish they had a purple though as it’s her favorite color… she’ll need to work with me on the color scheme…

    ps… added you to House-along.. you should have your email momentarily

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