Tuesday Mewsday: The Kitty Saga Continues

Well, I’ve spoken with my excellent vet (Go Kerrin Hoban! Go Harbor Vet!) and she’s agreed to take the kitty in as an adoption. They have a whole procedure for advertising rescues to make sure the cat doesn’t already have a family looking for her, then will get her vaccinations up to date and offer her for adoption.

I have her in my office now. (She’s a bit ambivalent about this. My office is quite a change from the drainage pipe she’s been calling home.) Campus animal control will come take a picture of her, in case anyone calls looking for a missing cat. Then I’ll go get a carrier from home and drive her over to the vet.

I will try to get a picture of her for the blog, so that you can see this charming little lady who’s had me so preoccupied.

P.S. She’s been in my office for an hour or so now and has relaxed. She’s cozied up on my desktop in front of the computer keyboard, letting me work—slowly—so long as I keep giving her lots of petting.

2 Replies to “Tuesday Mewsday: The Kitty Saga Continues”

  1. Oh good! I was worrying about that sweet little kitty the other day. Too bad he’s too far away, because I could have made space here. (You know, if I HAAVVEE to take a sweet little kitty!)
    Hilarious piece on the kitty eye patch, by the way! I’m glad someone liked it!

  2. Hope she finds a good home, if she doesn’t already have one. She’s already doing much better than a drainage pipe! What a sweetie. Yes, pictures, please.

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