Pull On Your Wellies—Another Knit to Drool Over

Here’s my latest on-line pattern find, Debbie Bliss’ Lace and Bobble Jacket (a shout-out to Knitting Pattern Central for leading me to it!).
Lace and bobble sweater
It hasn’t bumped Jade Empire or Silver Belle from their places in the queue, but it is schooched in there right behind them. I’m thinking that if/when I knit it, I’ll omit the bobbles on the body, which look a bit lumpy, and just work the ones along the edging.

Here‘s the one on-line picture of it knit up that I found at Yarn Crawl. Does anyone else have experience with this pattern?

Meanwhile, I’m making progress once again on the Origami Cardi now that we’ve hit the start-of-school-year meeting glut. Once one gets past the “Berries-in-a-Box” border stitch, there are long stretches of straightforward knitting—perfect meeting fodder. I finished about six inches during a three-hour meeting yesterday.

I’ve also cast on a new pair of socks, working from Sensational Knitted Socks and using my all-time favorite, Skacel Trampoline Stretch. I worked the first leg on Monday, the heel flap, turn, pick-ups, and gusset decreases yesterday. The very first pair of socks I knit became a gift for my mother, since they didn’t fit me. I’m hoping this pair will be a keeper. (Now I just need to remember how to post on the SKS KAL page, so I can share the fun.)

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  1. Looks like you’ve been hooked by another sweater with 3/4 knit sleeves! Yes, I think the bobbles in the sleeves are a bit much. Would it come together in an appropriate size and then do you need some kind of frogs across the divide? Like the bed jacket, I woud like to see it meet in the middle, if only for warmth.

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