Penny for Our Thoughts

Here are two shots of the little kitty I’ve been fussing over this past week, courtesy of Jen, UCSC’s Animal Control Officer (with uploading by Melissa).
Sweet kitty
Isn’t she pretty? With the copper tinge to her fur, I realized her name must be “Penny.” In fact, I went whole hog and decided her full name is Penelope Angelina Lambeaux—though of course the people who adopt her will come up with a name of their own.

She is shy but hopeful
The “Lambeaux” comes from one of my beloved former cats—Joanna Clambake Lambeaux—a sweet little pastel calico who began life as a feral kitten. Like Joey, Penny has the courage to reach out for affection, despite her knowledge of the many dangers and unkindnesses of this world.

P.S. I know there’s been an absolute dearth of knitting content here lately. I promise to work on remedying this over the weekend.

3 Replies to “Penny for Our Thoughts”

  1. Look at that face! And her coloration! No, you haven’t bonded with her much….three names notwithstanding! : )
    At least with a vet clinic adoption, she is very likely to find a good home, and in my experience, vet clinic staff know many of their human clients as well as patients very well, so can help find a loving place. (Used to work as a vet tech way back as a college student; I knew pretty much all the regular clients/animals! That was, oh my gosh, 25 years ago and I still remember a few of the animals’ names! That’s scary; how can it be 25 years, I’m not that old!)

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