Tuesday Mewsday: Maggie Gets Her Woozle On

Melissa’s cat Maggie has an unusual build: long, supple back, shortish legs and tail. She also has a tendency to roll her eyes heavenward.

In her younger days, her woozling and eye rolling made her quite the coquette, as you can see in this portrait by Melissa.
A  portrait of Maggie in her younger, svelter days.

These days, her appearance is more that of the well-indulged concubine.
Maggie on the orange chair.

With all the eye-rolling, she sometimes takes on the appearance of a saint in ecstasy. If she could, Maggie would no doubt tell us that she has no choice but to be saintly—how else would she manage the patience to put up with Damian?
Maggie and her nemesis.

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