Tuesday Mewsday: Carousel Cats (and Their Friends)

When Melissa and I drove home from Oregon, we began by traveling west to Canon Beach on the coast. From there, we took a quick run out of our way, heading north to Seaside. The reason? Carousel cats!

Look at this handsome creature:
The handsome black cat, fish in mouth.

He’s been using his fierce claws to catch a fish.
The handsome black cat has fearsome claws.

And his companion has had good luck fishing as well.
The white cat cavorting.
No cats will be going hungry on their watch.

Not only did this carousel feature cats. It also offered bunnies and pigs…
The bunny and the pig.

… and a very sincere young bear.
The little bear is very sincere.

Of course we went for a ride, with me perched side-saddle on the black cat and Melissa astride the white.

Closer to home, my favorite carousel is at the San Francisco Zoo. I generally need to take several rides so I can visit with all my favorite animals.

P.S. This may not seem like a knitting-related post, but trust me—I have plans for these beasties.

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  1. Oh I must try to get to the park to show you some of our carousel animals. I can’t wait to see what you are going to knit in celebration of these fine felines.

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