Scenic Oregon, Part II

When Melissa and I made our trek to Oregon, we took Interstate 5 North, then cut west to the coast highway for the drive home. We’d already been talking about retiring to western Oregon when the time comes, now we’re absolutely set on it. Here are a few of our favorite sights—photos by Melissa.

Once we hit the coast, we did a little jog north to Seaside.
The beach at Seaside

Our first night driving home, we pitched our tent at Devil’s Lake campground.
The campground at Devil Lake

The coastal bridges in Oregon are wonderful, solidly constructed of steel and concrete, but with crenellations and turrets that set each one apart and speak of a time when beauty wasn’t sacrificed to efficiency.
One of many lovely Oregon bridges

The dunes were breath-taking, but not where we’ll retire. Melissa took these two photos in a protected area. A few hundred yards to the south, the dunes were given over to all sorts of roaring, grinding all-terrain vehicles that had obliterated the beach grass and wildflowers.
Oregon dunes

Oregon dunes

The roadsides were thick with flowers, including a favorite of mine—thistles.
Thistles growing along the coast

If we could pick any of the spots we stopped at for our future home, we would choose Port Orford. We stayed in a small motel, just across the road from this beach and managed to squeeze in a walk before the rain really started pounding.
Battle Rock, Port Orford

Port Orford is the furthest point west in Oregon, so if it’s going to rain anywhere in the state, it will rain there.
The foggy, rocky beach at Port Orford

When we got home, our tent was still drippy from the rain we had at Devil’s Lake, so Melissa set it up inside to dry out. Damian quickly nominated himself Chief Tent Inspector.
Tent inspection upon our return
Lucky for us, he seemed to find everything in order.

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  1. First of all, thank you for making me feel better about my Montreal epic — I think the documentation of your recent trip has me beat! But that makes me feel better in more than one way, because I love reading about and seeing the great pictures of your travels! So that makes me believe that some people out there might indeed actually read and enjoy my travelogue for real and not just being polite….
    Melissa’s photos which you posted today are especially stunning; please tell her (again, I’m sure). Wonderful eye.

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