Same-Day Turn Around! Go Cotton Commandoes!

I got the Dishrag Tag box today. In the back of my mind, I’d been wondering whether I could manage same-day turn around. I knew that if the box came on a Thursday I couldn’t, because for some reason Thursday mail never arrives before five or six o’clock. But today being a Monday, I picked the box off the front porch at 1:30 and got to work. I admit that the dishrag I knit is merely utilitarian: knit-on-the-diagonal garter stitch. To jazz it up, I switched from variegated to solid yarn at the midway point. Nonetheless, I am deeply chuffed because I got it in the mail at four o’clock! I rock! Cotton Commandoes rock! If only all of us could channel all our competitive energy into dishrag knitting, beating our swords into needles. Imagine a world where international disputes get settled by a knit-off.

My Phoenix scarf is finished.
Phoenix scarf, finished

Phoenix scarf, detail
I made up this two-row stitch to try out with this particular skein from Tallgrass Yarns. I wanted a stitch that mixed Ks and Ps for maximum color-blending and that would have a clear vertical line to it.
Cast on 27 stitches (or any multiple of 5 + 2)
Odd rows: *K2, P1, K1 through the back loop, P1* repeat across, ending with K2
Even rows: *K2, P3* repeat across ending with K2
That’s all there is to it. My version used one 240-yard skein of worsted-weight yarn.

And now I must turn back into my everyday, non-dishrag-knitting self and finish all the work I tossed to one side when the box arrived. I’ve got a three-hour class to teach tomorrow.

P.S. Kudoes to Chris, who suggested Elann for yarn for Silver Belle. I’m looking at two of their aran-weight yarns. One is 80% wool/20% alpaca; the other is 50% wool/50% llama. Has anyone had experience working with either of these? How do they feel next to the skin?

P.P.S. Not only did Laurie send me a great dishrag in the Dishrag Tag box (a pretty yellow/white ombre), she also sent four lovely stitch markers and chocolate, the last of which may help explain my knitting speed. What wonderful treats!

5 Replies to “Same-Day Turn Around! Go Cotton Commandoes!”

  1. SARAH-HOPE you indeed ROCK!!! Wow, I am so proud of you. I squeeled with pure delight…..A LESS THAN 4 HOUR TURN AROUND….the bar has been set. Now you are a member of the cheering squad, and maybe can relish the slower pace of the CCSS swap.

  2. I’m actually making a shawl with the Uros (50/50 blend). Rich color, beautiful drape, amazingly soft to the touch. I would not hesitate to put this next to my skin. Have not tried the alpaca blend, although as a rule, I prefer alpaca yarns.

  3. Sarah-Hope, I have just received your amazing box today. The dishcloth is beautiful- I love how you changed yarns in the middle. I am also a HUGE fan of dark chocolate, and now I get to try a new brand! The floral clips are adorable. I may put magnets on them and use them told hold papers on the fridge.

    I couldn’t quite match your knitting speed, but I promise to get the box out tomorrow morning. Yay team!

  4. You are a fast, fast knitter! wowzer! Could we have the really bad ones stab each other with the needles, though. It only seems fair, or does that defeat the non violent settlement? Hmmm?

    Thanks for sharing the pattern for the Phoenix scarf. It’s great. I so want to make one now.

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