Roadside Wonders of Oregon (and Another Contest!)

One of the joys of a road trip is stumbling across all sorts of interesting signs and other oddments along the way. Melissa and I have a particular weakness for old-school neon. Here are a few of our favorites.

The anonymous penguin drive-in.
Cool sign

Two views of the trés sophistiqué Egyptian Theatre.
The Egyptian Theater
Detail of the Egyptian Theater sign
I think I took a few years off Melissa’s life when I swerved to the side of the road to get these shots.

Henny-Penny’s worst nightmare.
Tad's Chicken n Dumplings

What makes crabs crabby.
Bell Buoy Crabs

So here’s the contest: the first person to leave a comment naming the correct location for each of these signs gets a hand-knit dishcloth with a surprise knitting goodie thrown in. That’s four signs, four dishcloths, four chances to win.

In addition to the above signs we also spotted Frankenlincoln in Ashland.
Yep, his head was stolen, then replaced.

Sadly, it was not Tuesday when we passed through Medford, Oregon.
Living large in Medford: Ladies Day at Pennzoil
I will still be haunted by the imagined pleasures of Ladies’ Day at Penzoil when I’m on my deathbed.

Still life with dishcloth and cone.
Varieties of cones

We left Portland early in the morning, drove west, and had breakfast at the Pig ‘n Pancake in Seaside. We were hungry by then, but we’d have stopped even if we weren’t.
Pig 'n' Pancake
Pink Pigs
We did not buy one of these plush pigs, but we did purchase a wooden pig (with pancakes) to hang on our Christmas tree next year.

Some of you may remember back in the day, when Sambo’s got with the program and reinvented itself as “A Taste of Baker’s Square.” Apparently there was a hold out.
The tiger

We were relieved not to see any Sambo depictions, but we did find the tigers rather jaunty.
The tiger is jaunty in pants
We’ve been careful not to show this picture to Damian or we’ll never hear the end of how he needs pants and why do we insist on denying him.

The tiger sports a parasol
Sparky would be so chuffed if he had a parasol like this one.

The tigers go round and round

And if you think some of these images are wild, just wait until you see what’s in store for tomorrow.

13 Replies to “Roadside Wonders of Oregon (and Another Contest!)”

  1. I laughed out loud at your mice comment! Especially since I did have the baby mice only a few months ago… Nice neon and roadside cheese – my favorite here in Boston restaurant in the North End – it’s a drippy chianti bottle that tips over and drips wine down towards the sidewalk. Definitely a holdover from the 40s or 50s. And pretty good gnocchi too. Glad you’re having fun up there on your roadtrip!

  2. After a little googling I found this, is this one of them? I would be amazed if I was right as I don’t know anything about your part of the world!

    Egyptian Theatre – 4/18 Wurlitzer
    Coos Bay, Oregon
    229 S. Broadway

    Lin x

  3. Congratulations to Mandie and Lin—you’re winners!

    We’re still looking for answers on the penguin and the crab.

  4. For the fourth sign:

    Bell Buoy Crabs
    1800 S Roosevelt Dr.
    Seaside, Oregon 97138

    Did I get that right?

  5. This is odd. Tried twice to post a link to the page that shows the drive in with the penguin sign and all…

    It shows the sign and the penguin and even the road in front. Imagine!

    roadsidepeek DOT COM slash roadusa Slash pacifnw Slash pnweats Slash pnwdriveineats Slash index.htm

  6. Is it here? Did I mess you your page forever?

    East Wind Drive In, Cascade Locks Restaurant
    395 Nw Wanapa St
    Cascade Locks, OR

  7. OMG! Sambo was one of my very favorite stories when I was a child in the early 60s. Amazing how things work out in life, I have an original copy of that story in an old children’s book. Thanks for posting the pics they made me smile.

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