Oregon’s Lost World

[Note: There is no knitting content in this post, so feel free to skip it—but be advised that if you do you’ll be missing out on some of the coolest gigantic roadside art ever.]

Who in her right mind would drive past this sign without pulling over?
Turn here for dinosaurs!

The mighty Tyrannosaurus beckons Siren-like and I am helpless, forking over my $7 admission without batting an eye.
The mighty tyrannosaurus, with a brontosaurus hiding in the bushes behind him.
(Check out the man-udder on this guy; Damian would be jealous.)

Prehistoric Gardens is just south of Port Orford on Oregon’s coast. While clearly an amateur effort, these dinosaurs have been sculpted with real love, passion even, and a commitment to scientific integrity. Sculptor E.V. Nelson consulted with academics and did research on his own, trying to assure that these dinosaurs are accurate in terms of size and proportions. He provides context with several large signs outlining the evolution of plant life (that made life on land, and hence dinosaurs, possible) and the geologic epochs in which these creatures lived.

We were lucky enough to visit the gardens on a drippy, misty day, so the setting was perfect for an encounter with these megafauna.
The dinosaurs are everywhere in the Oregon rainforest

We saw Triceratops, both adult…

…and junvenile…

A rather pensive ankylosaurus

This dino has very large and sharp teeth

…the Pterodactyl…
The buff pterodactyl

… and Archelon.
Turtles were bigger back them

We even escaped with a little dinosaur of our own.
We escape with a dinosaur of our own
Melissa found this baby Stegosaurus in the gift shop. I have named her Rowena.

If you, too, have been enchanted by this lost world, you may want to check out the following links:
• A photo collage of the dinosaurs
• Prehistoric Gardens map
• A history of Prehistoric Gardens and its (sadly no longer in operation) “sister” Thunderbeast Park
• A complete set of photos of all the dinosaurs (these photos predate a recent, and more subtle, repainting of the creatures)

[Tomorrow, some knitting. I promise.]

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  1. I think we went there when I was little. I wish I’d remembered about the gardens when my son was young; he absolutely loved dinosaurs and our house was filled with them. It would have been a great place to visit.

  2. What a great bunch of dinosaurs! Although I love the Blue Ox at a park in Humbolt, the rest of the park there wasn’t that noteworthy, except for the sky tram. Now I KNOW we are going to have to go to Oregon and spend time hiking around. Thanks for the peek at the Dinosaur park and all the links.

    And thanks for sharing pictures of all those eats plus neon signs. Just sooo love pop culture. =o)

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