Good Stuff!

First off, I’ve been meaning for quite a while now to post a picture of the great dishrag that Laurie (of Knittinggarden) sent me for Dishrag Tag. The pattern has lots of texture—a definite plus in my book—and it’s in one of my favorite colorways: Peaches ‘n Creme Daisy Ombre.
Cotton Commandos still rule!
Not only that, but she included both chocolate and these beautiful stitch markers. You will no doubt be shocked to know that the chocolate was no longer available at the time of the photo shoot. The stitch markers make me feel like a contessa whenever I pick up my knitting. It’s quite a struggle not to start putting on airs!

Yesterday at 5:00, after several hours of me marking papers and Melissa running lino-blocks through her press, I idly raised the question, “Do the A’s have a home game tonight?” A quick check of the schedule revealed that indeed they did and that it started at 6:05. We dropped everything and headed out to the coliseum, where our commitment to the game was rewarded both by free A’s t-shirts from Chevy and an A’s doormat giveaway.
Free stuff from the A's game
We were mightily chuffed and enjoyed ourselves immensely, despite some unfortunately doormat-like playing by the A’s, who lost 3-7.

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  1. I’m glad you like the dishrag and the stitch markers. I’ve been experimenting with other patterns for dishrags – once you make one, you can’t stop!

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