Tuesday Mewsday

Rose-Kim Knits has Thursdays Are for What the Hell Is This? And Grumperina has Eye Candy Friday. Not to be left out, I’m launching a weekly feature of my own: Tuesday Mewsday, my day to celebrate the marvel that is Cat.

And for my first feature cat, Dinsdale, whom I had the pleasure of visiting in Oregon. He derives his name from Monty Python‘s “Prianha Brothers” sketch. Dinsdale has reached the Methuselan age of twenty and rules his home as is his right. (Don’t let the name of “the sharing chair” fool you: when he gives you the skunk eye, you will surrender it to him.) Some claim that ennui was invented by the French, but I’m pretty sure Dinsdale would give credit to the manufacturers of dissastisfyingly-tasteless-health-food-for-older-cats.

Here are two shots of Dinsdale doing what he does best (besides suggesting that treats are in order): napping.

And, no, he’s not disapparating in this picture. It’s just that it’s hard to get an old guy like him to stand still.

Dinsdale has some of the most wonderful markings I’ve seen on a tuxedo cat: bold, asymetrical, and distinguished. Every time I see him, I have to fight off the urge to fawn over him shamelessly, as he finds such behavior undignified at best.

His staff, my friends LeeAnn and Ellen, are absolutely devoted to him.

P.S. If you haven’t entered the Guess-Our-Mileage-and-Win-Hand-Crafted-Oregon-Yarn competition, click here for info.

P.P.S. It’s Stitch ‘N Pitch tonight at the SF Giants game—whee!

3 Replies to “Tuesday Mewsday”

  1. He’s a beautiful cat – I grew up always having a black and white cat, but now unfortunately it’s a brown and white dog!

    How’s your Mystery Stole coming? I’m plugging along.

  2. Sounds like a great trip. I like round numbers so I guess 1600 miles. This gives you lots of room for diversions.

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