San Francisco Giants’ Stitch ‘n Pitch

Tuesday night I headed to the SF GiantsStitch ‘n Pitch with friends. Our team lost (sadly, that is hardly breaking news this season), but they gave us some moments of real excitement in the 9th and 13th innings—and any tedium between times was more than relieved by all the KIPing going on around us.

I brought a special ball of yarn I’d been saving just for the game: “Pete” from the Procrastiknitter‘s new venture, Tall Grass Yarns. (The photo doesn’t do this yarn justice—the colorway just sparkles.)
A scarf in progress at the ball park
I used double moss stitch so I’d get lots of color mixing with minimum effort (I was trying to follow a live ball game while keeping my needles in motion, so I didn’t want to get too ambitious). Over the full run of the game, including the four extra innings, I got a good twenty-four inches knit up.

Tha gift bags held some pretty nifty goodies.
A bag full of goodies from Stitch n Pitch
Sort of L to R: size US 3 needles, ginormous double-ended crochet hook, knitting in the round info, tape measure/level (I’m not quite sure why a knitter needs a level—to check that stripes are straight?), knitted tee pattern, hat pattern, complete needlepoint xmas ornament kit, size US 19 needles. I confess to an undignified moment of knitter’s envy when I saw that the folks in the row in front of me got a ruffled shawl pattern that was much prettier than my tee pattern, but I think I’ve figured out how to knit one on my own if I’d like.

We had knitting, knitting everywhere.
Heavy knitting action in the bleachers
Check out that Slytherin scarf!

We even had knitters on the JumboTron!
Knitting contest on the Jumbotron

The Giants’ mascot, Lou Seal, dropped by for a visit.
Lou Seal visits the Stitch n Pitch section

If only every losing ballgame were as fun as this one!

P.S. If you haven’t entered the Guess-Our-Mileage-and-Win-Hand-Crafted-Oregon-Yarn competition, click here for info.

3 Replies to “San Francisco Giants’ Stitch ‘n Pitch”

  1. You told us what the yarn was, but not what kind of an item you were knitting at the ball game. The photo seems to show a triangular piece? Do we get to see it finished?

  2. Well, a triangle, maybe, except it could have curled in the mist. A nice long team colors scarf? Beautiful yarn color combo for the Giants.

    Ooooo, lovely Stitch and Pitch, I wonder if the Padre’s have one planned. I covet that goody bag!

  3. Um, excuse me – but was that MELISSA in the photo, wearing the brown BBall cap – with knitting in her hands???????????????????????????????????????
    OMG – she’s become one of “Them”.
    Not like that’s a bad thing, of course, but just somewhat surprising. I guess as the saying goes: If you can’t beat ’em – join ’em!”
    I’m still giggling. If someone had told her 20 years ago that she’d be photographed knitting at a BBall game…I bet there’d be some serious denial going on. Love your blog. Too funny.

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