Roseburg, Oregon

[No links or pics, but don’t worry, I’ll have gazillions of those for you when we get home.]

Melissa and I are wrapping up day two of our road trip. Day one brought us to the Ashlad home of Melissa’s friend Millie, whom she met while hiking the Camino de Santiago last fall. I hadn’t met Millie before and was delighted by her company: she’s smart, thoughtful, kind, generous, and gentle. I’m genuinely looking forward to more visits in the future, and Millie and her husband are planning a trip down our way this fall for one of the exhibitions of Melissa’s Camino lino-block series.

This morning we lingered in Ashland, then drove over to and partway around Crater Lake, then along the Umpqua River to Roseburg. (If Damian didn’t already have a middle name, “Umpqua” would be perfect for him; it’s the precise sound one makes involuntarily when he uses one’s body as a thruway.) Everything here is beautful and green, green, green. I won’t waste your time trying to do justice to it in words. I’ll wait until I can post photos so you can see for yourselves.

Tomorrow, it’s on to Portland, where I plan to explore some local yarn shops. (I did gaze longingly at Web-Sters in Ashland, which features exquisite handmade clothing, as well as yarn. Sadly, they were closed, so all I could do was drool and leave smudgey little nose-prints on their window.) Melissa is hoping to to spend some time off by herself sketching, both local sights and ideas for the Camino show.

Once I’m home, I’ll be able to regale you with some of the visual wonders of this trip which, in addition to the natural marvels, include Franken-Lincoln and Ladies’ Day at the Penzoil oil-change station.


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  1. Have fun! Those who stay behind miss you 🙁 … in the meantime, we send you lots of love and hope you find the yarn of your dreams (because you alreeady found the girl, and what more a saddle needs?)

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