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Now that I am one of the 5,000+ people (!) signed up for the mystery stole, I have a new problem to fret about. The instructions recommend yarn in white or black or perhaps cream, ivory, pale gold, or light grey. Now, I only have two lace-weight yarns in my stash with sufficient yardage for this project: some Cherry Tree Hill African Grey, which is not at all grey and some KnitPicks Shadow in Sunset Heather (obviously not grey as well). Normally, I would have no problem going with a different color—but
a) I don’t know what the finished product is going to look like and
b) I am almost certainly only going to knit one of these,
thus both facts me take the color suggestions more seriously than I otherwise might. I do have a $20 reward card from The Golden Fleece, so if I wanted to wait until next week to start, I could look at what they have and perhaps find something appropriate without spending any “real” money. But I’m already a week behind. Well, I won’t decide tonight.

Tomorrow morning, Melissa and I are getting up early to go into San Francisco for the 10 a.m. presentation of The Cycle Plays by Theatre of Yugen. The front of the card promoting this event depicts a bee dance.
The Cycle Plays
We’ll be seeing three pieces: 10,000, a dance/song ritual based on a traditional Noh theatre opening; Winterland [God Play], which is described as “Two girls search for the ecstatic as Johnny Rotten crawls into a radio and turns himself off”; and Letter from a Small House [Warrior Play], about Ted Kaczinski and his brother. I expect it will be a rather interesting morning.

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