• Best line I overheard during our road trip [female hiker to male hiker], “It’s not actually the baby that smells; it’s the diaper.”

• Melissa’s comment as we hiked Cascade Gorge, “Oregon is just like Galicia, but with less cow poo and fewer flies.”

• My nomination to be included in the great list of life’s little pleasures: the day you change the bathroom air-freshener because your nose hasn’t yet learned to tune the new scent out. Snifferific!

• I am officially halfway through Clue 3 on MS3. (Am I the only one who thinks of MST3K whenever I type MS3?)

• Mighty Bezoar is preparing for a Tuesday Mewsday appearance.
Bea 3
You may not be able to tell, but the boxes behind her contain my ball winder and swift.

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