And the Answer Is…

Well that was fast. I emailed Interweave Knits last night with my question about the Origami Cardi and received this reply today.

Hi Sarah-Hope,

We will eliminate the “Purl 1 WS row.” sentence; then continue as written. The web team will post the correction at the next update.

Please let me know if you have any further questions, and thank you for contacting us about this pattern!

Best wishes,

Katie Himmelberg
Assistant Editor
Interweave Knits
Style Editor

Hip-hip-hooray for good customer service! I can knit again!

And now, pictures:

I’ve finished the Easy Triangular Shawl in Noro Blossom, so Melissa and I took it along for a stroll at Middle Harbor Park by the Oakland shipyards and had a photo shoot.

The shawl on a bench.
Here it is draped across a bench beside the observation tower.

The shawl over a railing.
And here it is draped over a railing.

A family of geese on the waterfront.
The park was full of families of geese with their gangly, teenaged-looking offspring.

This park contains the old terminus of the trans-continental railway. If your goods needed to go further west, they’d have to go by ship—and that’s still the case today.
The Port of Oakland.
The cranes that load the ships look oddly furturistic and ancient at the same time, like the skeletons of a whole herd of Trojan horses. (To give you a sense of scale, that small green-and-stone building to the left of the cranes is the three-story observation tower.)

My thanks again to catbookmom for introducing me to this pattern. I’m looking forward to wrapping this shawl around me when the ocean winds begin to blow.

2 Replies to “And the Answer Is…”

  1. very cool Noro shawl, love the colors – and very strange park. I remember those cranes from the Oakland shipyard in SF. weird things.

  2. Whoa! What a difference a yarn makes!! The fugly pattern photo at LB certainly doesn’t look much like its beautiful relative, done in Noro. Glad you like the pattern!

    I am SO far behind with blog reading and commenting.

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