Melissa snapped this shot on BART, the Bay Area Rapid Transit System.
BART sign thanks knitters.
Do you suppose this is the start of something big? Will politicians be courting us next? Will advertisers want us for focus groups? Will we bump Paris Hilton off the front page?

I just finished up my last classes of this academic year. Four student conferences today and six tomorrow, then I’m done (except for reading about 150 essays, determining grades, and writing narrative evaluations).

When I leave my office today, I’m heading downtown to pick up that pile of mystery novels I requested from the local library last week. Melissa has also made me a set of audio CDs of Bill Moyers’ Faith and Reason series, so I’ve got those to listen to while knitting.

The three major knitting projects I’ve been working on are all near completion, so look for pics of FOs next week. Meanwhile, I’m doing some major dreaming about “what next?” I think my first new cast-on will be for something similar to this shrug (on the left) from Knit 2 Together by Tracy Ullman and Mel Clark.
Mel's Patterns photo only.
The pattern comes in S/M and M/L sizes, and I’m thinking I’ll make it a bit larger to be sure it’s nice and loose and good for wrapping up in. The eyelet pattern is pretty, but I’ll substitute a different eyelet stitch that’s less fussy to knit. Last night as I thought about this project, my logic went something like this: “Well, if I’m changing the body stitch and changing the measurements, maybe I should just change the ribbing too and make up something completely new that’s my own pattern.” I really do like the ribbing on this pattern, though; it’s got a small increse worked in that allows the collar to fold back easily and makes the wrists roomier—and since it’s reversible the folded-back bits don’t look incongruous.

I’ll have time to decide. I’m going to knit the body out of the bag of black/grey Inca Print I bought last weekend, but the yardage won’t be sufficient for the ribbing too, so I’ll be looking for a black alpaca or alpaca blend to knit that. While I work on the body and decide on the second yarn, I can try swatching some different rib possibilities.

And now… my summer has begun!