If I Were Twenty-Five Years Younger…

… and I’m-not-even-going-to-say-how-many pounds lighter, I would love wearing this dress from the latest issue of Knit.1.
Lovely 60s-hippie brown knit dress.
Look at it—all loose and roomy where you want it to be, but nipping in at the right spots to show off a girlish figure. Wearing it would be like walking around all day wrapped up in a cozy afghan, while still projecting a confident, I-am-chic vibe.

For the most part Knit.1 and its parent magazine, Vogue Knitting, don’t do much for me. (They do sometimes have great technique articles, like last year’s series on knitting lace.) It may be that my general lack of enthusiasm is a “coast thing.” Both magazines seem geared toward what I think of as “East-Coast women,” women who dress for career and socializing. Out here in Santa Cruz, formal means black socks with your Birkenstocks.

But I love this dress. I bought Knit.1 for this dress, even though there wasn’t a single additional item in the magazine that caught my interest, even though there is absolutely zero chance that I will ever knit this dress. I just enjoy looking at it.