Santa Cruz Hat Pattern on MagKnits

Whee! My Santa Cruz Hat Pattern is out on this month’s issue of MagKnits! I hadn’t expected it until next month, so this comes as a lovely surprise. I expect I’ll be doing a little happy dance for the rest of the day—perhaps the rest of the week.

I went on a hat-pattern-writing binge last summer and the Santa Cruz Hat is one of the results. At the time, I wanted to play with different lace stitches to make hats that would be suitable for the weather here where I live on the central California coast—that would add a touch of warmth and keep the wind from blowing one’s hair in one’s eyes, but without bringing on hyperthermia.

I’d love to hear what you think of it—and to see photos of any version of it you knit up. Please do share!

P.S. The model is my former student, Maryam, who’s now preparing for law school.

4 Replies to “Santa Cruz Hat Pattern on MagKnits”

  1. I love your pattern! I can’t wait to cast on for it. The hat will be perfect for just the weather you describe (even though I live in Massachusetts).

  2. Please clear up my confusion. The cable and lace stitch is done in multiples of 12 until Rows 9, 11 and 13 where the multiple becomes 14. Am I reading the pattern incorrectly?

  3. This is a fantastic pattern! I’ve just about completed the worsted weight version and i love it. Very clever and beautiful!

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