Is Anyone Besides Me…

… going crazy because the Yarn Harlot hasn’t posted since 1/25?

Last night I continued working on the bag in Malabrigo worsted, falling more and more in love with each stitch. I want, I need a sweater in this yarn. Exactly this yarn. The Col China colorway: sweet, sweet cranberry richness with occasional bursts of vivid, tangy green. I want to cover my entire body with it. (I am not alone in this. The Malabrigo folder at Knitter’s Review is currently on fire.)

I am thinking of something like Erica Alexander’s Diamond-Weave Baby Jacket from Interweave Knits, Winter 2004, but in my size. Texture, but not too much texture. Moss stitch borders (every sweater in the world could be knit with moss stitch borders and I wound’t weary of them). A few buttons up near the top and the rest left to drape comfortably. Today’s All Tangled Up has a lovely photo of one of these (baby-sized) in progress and links to several more renditions of it. I am thinking that the bag I’m knitting now will give my a nice sense of my gauge with this yarn (particularly when I work with a mix of Ks and Ps), which should allow me to do some fairly accurate estimating when I got to work on a sweater for myself.

Meanwhile, the bag brings me great satisfaction. I worked on it last night while I indulged first in reruns of CSI, then in the new episode of House. Originally, I’d been picturing this project as a textured bag in a narrow, rectangular shape, with a triangular flap and long shoulder straps. But while I knit, I kept envisioning different versions of it, including the possibility of just forgetting the whole bag thing and making it into a needle roll. The current vision is of a round-bottomed, drawstring bag—I like how the work looks on the circular needles and just want to keep that shape. So, I now appear to be knitting top down instead of bottom up. I expect I’ll need to buy one more skein before I’m through and am considering switching to a solid color for some contrast.

I just need to measure carefully to see what my unfelted gauge is before I start felting or my sweater dreams will be delayed.

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  1. The YH has finally caught up with herself and there’s a lovely new post. I totally understand her exhaustion, since even as a plain participant at Stitches West last year and a fair bit of time just hanging out at the hotel bar, I was nodding off by 11pm, way early for me. For someone like her, the demands for her attention and time must be frazzling.

    I’m currently working on a Malabrigo scarf in the Cactus Flower color, and my personal fave is Cuarzo. I have both the ‘real’ Malabrigo and the less-expensive version from Handpainted Yarns, and for the merino (now hard to get at HY), I cannot tell the difference in softness. Knitting with this yarn is really a pleasure. Pix are at my blog.

  2. Congratulations on the Santa Cruz hat pattern in MagKnits. It’s a beauty! Despite the spring-like temperatures in Blighty right now, I’m hoping for a cold snap so I can knit one and wear it pronto!

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