3 Free Patterns

Let me begin by saying that none of these are mine—oh, how I wish they were. I found them while poking about the net in between finalizing tomorrow’s class plan and (it’s endless, I tell you) reading student essays.

Dipsy’s Cable Lace Scarf The small photo doesn’t do this piece justice. Click on it to get the larger view, then swoon. The blog featuring this pattern is a fun read with lots of details about actual knitting, as well as chattier entries.

Sleepytime Wrapper I wish the pattern for this baby robe came in my size. (Of course, I can always start “what-iffing” about the possibilities of designing my own adult version.) It’s knit on US 2 needles with sport weight yarn. (I bet I could get it up to a child’s size just by using knitting worsted and US 7 needles, hmm?) This is one of many patterns avaiable at Free Vintage Knitting, a site that posts older patterns that have entered the public domain.

Dr. Monttville’s Double Helix Seaman Scarf is an offering from Twosheep, which presents a very eclectic mix of topics, knitting and non. (The latest entry describes a Charo concert.) I will be knitting many of these scarves between now and next December to give as gifts to the various scientists in my life.

I finished the Urban Trekker hat last night and added my own finishing touches to it—twisted cords and tassels, rather than braids and pom-pons. Now I’m playing with Shine, Knit Picks‘ cotton/modal sport-weight blend and thinking about colorful summer wear for kids. While admittedly stiff to knit with, as many cottons are, boy does Shine ever make a soft, tempting-to-touch fabric.

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