Brava, Ophelia!

Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy, by Karen Foxlee (Random House)

If you’re looking for one of those wonderful “children’s” books that works for readers of all ages, you’ll most definitely want to read Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy. A retelling of the Ice Queen story, this books grasps the reader (yes, even grown-up readers) from the start and only becomes more compelling as it progresses.

Ophelia’s father has been hired to curate an exhibition of swords at a museum in an unusual town where it is always winter. Ophelia’s mother has recently died. Her father is burying himself in work; her sister grows increasingly distant. So Ophelia sets off to explore the museum, finding the boy of the title, then joining his campaign to save the world from the Ice Queen’s domination.

Ophelia is a wonderful character. She’s committed to the scientific method, even as events around her become less and less rational. She’s vulnerable: frightened (with cause) frequently and asthmatic. Yet despite this vulnerability, she finds the courage to act bravely when necessary.

Read this book for your own pleasure and/or share it with a younger friend. Get to know Ophelia, join in her quest. You’ll probably wind up hoping, as I am, that this isn’t the last of her adventures.

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